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  • Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Loepi im Beitrag #17
    I´m not so sure what i did "wrong" at the karusell - i didn´t spun there before for many many laps. Have i been just a few inches to far to the right? Can´t imagine what´s the difference to other laps... Whatsoever, from than on i´m takin´ it just a little bit easier out of that "corner".

    Looked like you accelerated too early/hard, while being in the Karusell still. Then your RR tire went off the concrete plates which exaggerated the rotation. Been there, done that.

    Just a general advice (I got from an ) is trying to keep your steering wheel as straight as possible while exiting. Sounds simple, but makes sense.

    Incredible recovery Lasse, really impressive! You always drive with great spirit and commitment. Really had hoped to be a factor last race, but was annoyed by my mistakes and then the engine went. It was fun until it lasted though.

  • Auto Wahl 2020 - Car choice 2020Datum14.12.2019 21:25
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema


  • Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Dag_J im Beitrag #15
    Sorry about the boo boo in Q Rob , yes that was me coming out of the pits and at nurb it never struck me that I would run into traffic so soon. Didnt hear you either and all of a suddenly and all that.. Sorry.

    No worries Dag, I could have returned to the pits, and it didn't matter in the end.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    In quali set a banker lap, but at the start of my 2nd timed lap a Honda (Dag?) came out of the pits, saw me too late and lost control, taking me out. Had some damage, was annoyed and parked the car. Wouldn't have gotten Pole anyway, as Lasse did a really good lap. Went offline to do a racefuel lap.

    Had a good start, or better Lasse bogged down, and took the lead. He followed me close the first lap, until he spun at the end of Karussel. Had a couple of seconds on Sanjin, but I made a stupid mistake at the end of the lap. From then on things went backwards, made mistakes and totally lost my rhythm. Fell back to P5 behind Lasse, and lost my confidence. Then on Lap 4 lost the engine while coasting, still pretty close to Willi, Lasse and Kelvin...very disappointing end of the season for me...

    Congrats Lasse for the win, and Kelvin and Mario for podium!

    It's really great to be part of the Gentleman's League. You guys are a great bunch of racers, who are rock solid in racetrim, and very feisty! Was fighting for the c'ship, but missed a few races, and then had too much bad luck late season. For next season looking to be more in the mix still. I just want to have fun racing close. Also I hope my health won't affect my racing.

    Many congrats to Claudio for a well deserved c'ship. Very consistant finisher with a really good spell midseason racking up 4 wins! Also congrats to Lasse for a great charge to claim the vice-Meisterschaft Well done to Team BRM, and thanks to Ferdi, Kelvin and Willi for sharing the Beast of Eastborne

    Thanks all for the racing, and the banter. Also many thanks to all managing the site and league. Notably Claudio, Hans, Lasse and Ferdi, and all I forgot Looking forward to next season, and wishing you all good health

  • Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Very disappointing to blow up the engine after 4 laps. My first mechanical this season. Took the lead but made two unforced errors setting me back to P5. Was still fun chasing, but then the engine unexpectedly went. Good luck to those still running, was shaping up to a good fight

  • Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Very good and challenging schedule, but I agree with Greg about Estoril 1994. Also I would replace Grenzlandring with a real oval. But as Greg said, we can't have them all

    Great job guys!

  • Training - NürburgringDatum07.12.2019 10:57
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    You are right Claudio, simply my own fault. Wished I had anticipated Lap 1 better

    Great job Greg, respect! Despite your problems with your arm you're still a "Ringmeister".

  • Training - NürburgringDatum06.12.2019 21:19
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Didn't expect Claudio to slow that much, but I probably had too much speed. Went out of shape avoiding him...

    Good lesson for next week

  • Ringnacht 2019Datum05.12.2019 15:30
    Thema von Robert Fleurke im Forum Fragen zur Gentleman's...


    please register at

    I am still missing the likes of Lasse and Claudio as well, amongst others (Willi, Kelvin etc.). The grid is already filling up very fast, so best to register ASAP!

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum04.12.2019 20:04
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Claudio Callipo
    Next year I have to drive a slower chassis, of fairness.
    I think the title will be yours next season.
    And hope the others will make it extremely exciting

    If anything, I want to be more in the mix, that's why I joined GELI as well. I am a good qualifier, but you guys always bring your A-game in the races. But starting at the front is much easier than in midfield or in the back, ofcourse. Might be an idea that I qualify only on racefuel next season!? In racepace Willi and Kelvin are way closer -or even faster than me- than in qualifying. I wouldn't mind if they take a faster car as well, if they want or like.

    That said, personally I prefer the BRM above the Honda. It's much more fun to drive IMO. The Honda is a dog, even when it's clearly faster than the BRM, and even slightly faster than the Cooper overall.

    Even when it never gets old, I have won enough the last few years. I just want to have fun racing close with all of you, as long as I can...

    Hope this isn't too much off topic. Arguably you guys will open a topic for self-handicapping for next season!?

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum01.12.2019 12:19
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Loepi im Beitrag #18
    Zitat von Robert Fleurke im Beitrag #16
    I can understand Lasse, it is frustrating when you think you have won...

    Oh, i never thought that, so there´s nothing to feel frustrated with.

    My point was just what i said indirectly: If we want to regulate race-results in a reliable way, we will need someone who likes to take some time for looking into the replays (maybe sometimes for long parts of the (or a whole) race).

    What we do not want is to implement a jury or tiring discussions after the races. A gentleman should be able to take what ever happend (in race, hardware, connection) in a laid-back way. Which doesn´t mean that no regulation is possible.

    This season is one of the most exciting for me. There have been many races with very long duels. I don´t know how it could be more fun. The results are not my first priority (which doesn´t mean i´m going unhasty).

    Thanks for explaining Lasse and well said. I agree with both you and Sanjin. Winning isn't everything for me either, the most fun races are the battles and the chasing, rather than the runaway wins.

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum30.11.2019 12:04
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Thank you guys for reinstating me! Will ask my provider to look into it, arguably a faulty modem (I have quite an old one). If it happens next time again, I will retire, since now I have (time) to solve it. Whole year I didn't have connection probs but for last 2 weeks/races here now.

    Apologies that it brings extra work to the admins/moderators, and to Lasse, Mario. Greg and Josefine who lost a place. I can understand Lasse, it is frustrating when you think you have won...

    Congrats to Claudio for Meisterschaft!

    PS: I have just ordered a new modem at my provider, that I will receive coming week. I did search for same problem/provider (incidental connection dropping for 15s), and it seems often to be a faulty (old) modem. Next week Ring training will hopefully show the problem is solved.

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum29.11.2019 22:46
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Loepi im Beitrag #6
    Okay! Ferdi ist unser neuer Replay-Sichter, Glückwunsch! Aufgabe in diesem Fall: Wurde irgendein Fahrer an irgendeiner Stelle durch Roberts warping(s?) irritiert!?

    I want to make clear normally I never warp, also never in other leagues. Only 2 freak incidents now here, it's the most annoying for myself. Last week quite a long warp, once. This time also a long warp, over s/f, also only once whole race as far I can tell. There were no other cars closeby.

    When I was close to other cars in quali and race the connection was solid as always. I am pretty sure server replay will confirm my story.

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum29.11.2019 22:35
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Danke Ferdi

    Was happy with a 57 in quali!

    Start was solid enough to take the lead. But early race Claudio pushed me to a real hot pace for that fuel load, mid59. I just held on to the car with the rear tires getting (too) hot. But then Claudio made a mistake, and I could manage the tires and my driving. I had about 15-16s lead on Lasse, when the timings dropped as I had a warp over s/f.

    That was very annoying, it distracted me and started to make mistakes. Greg seemed to be aware and let me by when I did lap him. Josefine also after a while, thanks to both of you for being aware and fair. Just made sure doing 31 laps, actually did 32 laps to be completely sure taking the checkered after 32 laps.

    Well done Lasse and Willi for podium! Also well done finishers, especially compliments to Josefine! Commiserations to the retirments, it's a tricky track.

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum29.11.2019 22:12
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Timings dropped me again, now over s/f lap19-20. Thanks Ferdi for confirming. So I basically finished first after 31 laps, but wasn't recognized. My fast lap was 1m58.72s.

    Hope to be reinstated, again. Not sure what is going on, same like last week it seems. Maybe a bad router in between...

  • Training - OpatijaDatum25.11.2019 13:38
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Claudio, you didn't have to do that, but thanks anyway!

    Thanks Hans/Claudio for clearing this issue up

    edit: I totally forgot to congratulate you Claudio, for your well deserved championship. Well done my friend! Clearly the most consistent driver over the whole season. I had a lot of fun racing you, notably at Castle Combe, Keimola and Snetterton. Only once I was able to pass you I think...

    I did miss a few races, which proved costly, and recently had some DNFs I could not help. I'm very happy to be racing here, and I will try to fight it out with Lasse for runner-up

  • Training - OpatijaDatum24.11.2019 13:09
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #18
    Warp over s/f line and you are lap down.

    I didn't warp over s/f, but earlier in the lap, arguably passing a checkpoint. Anyway in other leagues you will be reinstated if you lose lap(s) due to the timing/connection dropping you.

    That was my question, does it happen here too? Lasse, Claudio, Hans?

  • Training - OpatijaDatum23.11.2019 19:50
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Zitat von Loepi im Beitrag #16
    It´s quite easy to explain: You forgot to tell your kids/wife watching youtube or stuff...

    (As you can see in the server-replay, you had connection-problems for a few seconds (too many) at the last lap.)

    I can assure you that wasn't the case! Not sure why my connection dropped. Hopefully for a points race I would be reinstated (like other leagues do as well!?). Never had this before BTW

  • Training - OpatijaDatum22.11.2019 23:13
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    Next week is for points anyway.

  • Training - OpatijaDatum22.11.2019 22:31
    Foren-Beitrag von Robert Fleurke im Thema

    I clearly ran 32 laps and saw the checkered flag first, not sure why my last lap wasn't timed at s/f?

    Was fun racing Sanjin early on, had a lapse, and lost the lead. Then chasing Sanjin was fun, until he blew up. Tried to wait a few times after that, to have some more fun. Again, not sure why my finish wasn't recognized...

    Great racing and pace Sanjin! I also like this track and knew it from last years's F1Legends race. It's tricky, but has great rhythm and flow.

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