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  • Training - SchottenringDatumGestern 20:03
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Well. I must say a word to.

    Car switching is not easy. There is always some problems. My favorite car is BRA , but i was crazy to learn how to drive or set him up to be good.

    And at end i notice that there is no magic setup or magic clicks that save you form sudden power snaps . or brake spins.
    I was watching Tim how he spin behind Caludio. Its racing. And car is unpredictable.

    Braby dont push front end like honda. he bites. try stiffer front ARB

    So my sugesstion is to drive drive drive. Take few setups , do few laps and maybe something clicks in.

    here is pic of my nurb setup. under 8 min . but that was when i drive leftfoot brake.

    now my setup is not like that. it has tons of rear spring and some strange things that no one uses here. but its all for balance under braking, i sacrifice all for stability under braking.

    and main thing is to use throttle smart is not on off- ok- remember that. problem is when u used to one car You use on off throttle cos You know what You doing.

  • TrophyDatum24.01.2020 10:16
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Nice guys.
    Wow. Here You get real trophy.

    What car did i take this year? Lotus?

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    thanks m8. Was fun. I need training.

    most of tracks from this year I didnt drive. So its long journey for me. + That BRM + clutch. I will put now some less clutch in shift.ini to 6 (60%) from 7. maybe helps.

    i reinstall gem+ so works on igor for now.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    me me. but .i am to late, uh

  • TrophyDatum22.01.2020 22:50
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Yes. Pics. Please

  • GPL in Linux mint tutorialDatum20.01.2020 19:53
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Wow. nice. well done. Usually i have Zorin OS on my pc or other one installed. maybe i try one day to run gpl. nice.

    even have SSD 250gb

    but i have ati and intel q6600, so maybe wont be fun if no opnenGL

  • Zolder '67 - Pro LongDatum19.01.2020 20:15
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Yup. Sry Dag. BRM is strong than. No worries.

  • Zolder '67 - Pro LongDatum19.01.2020 16:31
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Uh. Yes i was aggressive in shifting.
    You guys cant believe how much problems i had before race. All gone fubar.
    I was late on pc. Than gem+ wont start. Manage to start gpl from gpl67c , Than 1st gear start to gearout on g25.
    Was allready 20:20. Than my family come back home. Tons of questions. Lost time and nerves.
    I did last lap around track last saturday. Nice.
    I was super fast. I change that saturday rollbar and managed to find those 0.5 seconds in race. Incredible.
    I had no filling for revs this time cos of missing time to get used to shifting.

    Anyway big thanks to Kelving for saving BRM team. Thanks.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    No problem. We are all here to help each other.
    I hope so.
    No one knows everything.
    You guys help me, I help You if I can.
    I started thus new tread so now we have this on right place. Lots of intresting stuff are on wrong place of forum. We should try to separate those intresting stuff to right place. For later use. Bla bla

  • Zolder '67 - Pro LongDatum17.01.2020 21:11
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Disaster. engine died on 7000 . i dont beleve. i am angry as hell. Why did this happend?
    I just want to finis.

    It is incredible to see 16 drivers. nice. wd. thanks all

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    ok. i have hd6800 15.20.1062..

    turn on eyfinity and then that will show up. if is there on that version. hm . maybe not

  • Training - Zolder 67Datum17.01.2020 17:42
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Yes, nice to have u back Josefine.

    Maybe she is gambling with her life, not gpl.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Thanks Tim. Its g25 with added gamepad buttons true center of wheel. Crazy.
    I was needed those buttons for rfactor f1 croatian ligue.

    Mirrors are on outside monitors cos i set fov like that. I use gplshift.ini and can increase or decrease fov with shift + arrows while driving.

    @Robert Fleurke
    You must have win 7 or win 10
    And than in Catalys Control Center
    Must be bezel correction. Here some pic

  • Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    on picture 2 is what you see in one screen and pic 3 is from outside.

    last picture is outside of pic before last picture,

    so you get some one car lenght on triple screen Tim. thats all ;)

    Real Gpl driver dont need this.

    When to drive when you have so much things to turn on before starting driving?

    so for me standard no letter gpl. cos i am sick of it, i play 15 years on letter box.

  • Thema von Cruo im Forum Technik - Probleme und...

    Here are some photos

    old video of me playing cheep track IR on rfactor. old video.

    and yes SLImax is best on other new games cos all things works.
    in gpl only woks :

    fuel press
    lap time

    but i dont use it to. only set this one for fun in gpl. not workingg great in Nascar racing to.
    as i sad its best for newer games.

  • Training - Zolder 67Datum16.01.2020 21:27
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    hey. Not true. I have eyefinity on 3 same monitors some 9 years now. And I race like that in nascar only.

    dont use it in gpl- i did testing and it is perfect.

    You set bezels in eyefinity setup and than set that resolution to gpl and that is that.

    pic follows here

    ati eyefinity 3 monitor setup + SLImax ;)

  • Training - Zolder 67Datum11.01.2020 08:22
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Nice. Wd Tim. Deserved.

    I am happy to finish this one.
    It is ok to be second down on Braby (Tim)but i dont like second down on cooper (Calipo) and Honda(Lesse). Hm. Not good.

    Hope to finish real race to.

    Wd to all . Was so fun to race.

  • Auto Wahl 2020 - Car choice 2020Datum09.01.2020 11:18
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Thanks. I have setup for now.
    Most setups dont work because or RFB but i like to copy gearing or else.
    Well i have Carsten setup from nurb and it help a lot. Even can take his setup and drive without any problems and be fast.
    Well i did train last week and will train more to get used to car and gearing and track. This year all tracks are new for me. Its going to be hard year.

  • Auto Wahl 2020 - Car choice 2020Datum08.01.2020 23:23
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Hehe. LOL
    So that is how it is. Brm is realy bad.

    But i find some speed and stability last few days. Ony didn figure out for what is that 6 gear. 🤣

  • Le Mans Sarthe at Night - HeringsrennenDatum03.01.2020 15:58
    Foren-Beitrag von Cruo im Thema

    Yea. Get well soon.
    I wish You best.

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