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Philippe Girard Offline


Beiträge: 21

28.01.2023 12:47
new driver Antworten

good morning
I would have liked to be part of your league.
I am known by some of you, at ukgpl or gpl racer. I'm not the fastest driver, but I have respect for those who go fast...and catch me.
French, 62 years old, GPL fan of course.
I know that your league is rather pro, and that I am rather beginner.
Maybe by riding among you, I will increase my level...
I would like to thank Albrecht for all the help he gave me with my registration. it was quite complicated!

Robert Fleurke Offline


Beiträge: 571

28.01.2023 13:54
#2 RE: new driver Antworten

Welcome Philippe, I would suggest you take the Lotus. There is potentially close racing and competition for everyone on the grid. In general the races are a lot of fun.

Newcomers are asked to join the trainingrace, and it will take 3 pointsraces before your points (you collected in those races) will show in the overall standings. But I am not the admin so wait for their responses. That said, I know Philippe to be a very experienced and safe driver.

Hans Marfan Offline


Beiträge: 2.186

28.01.2023 14:48
#3 RE: new driver Antworten

Hi and welcome Philippe

Yes, the forum software is pretty dated, sorry about that. Some don't want to let it go... ;)

As Robert already mentioned, the next training race is next friday (03.02.), the race for points the friday after (10.02.).
We're using the 60fpsV2-patch. And not everyone here is an alien, so no worries about your pace.


Bonjour et bienvenue Philippe

Oui, le logiciel du forum est assez daté, désolé pour ça. Certains ne veulent pas s'en séparer... ;)

Comme Robert l'a déjà mentionné, la prochaine course d'entraînement aura lieu vendredi prochain (03.02.), la course aux points le vendredi suivant (10.02.).
Nous utilisons le patch 60fpsV2. Et tout le monde ici n'est pas un alien, donc pas d'inquiétude sur votre rythme.

Traduit avec (version gratuite)

Lasse Albrecht Offline


Beiträge: 124

28.01.2023 15:59
#4 RE: new driver Antworten

Welcome Philippe, great to have you onboard! :) As mentioned above, I recommend you take the Lotus.
I hope you enjoy your time here!

tim Offline


Beiträge: 558

28.01.2023 18:05
#5 RE: new driver Antworten

welcome philippe!

i came to this place 4 years ago and sure you will meet some aliens here, but all absolutely friendly and willing to help further -a great league!


Ferdi Offline


Beiträge: 5.405

29.01.2023 00:24
#6 RE: new driver Antworten

Bienvenue dans la ligue des fous qui courent même la Targa Florio.

Gruß Ferdi

Fabian Offline

mehrfacher Weltmeister

Beiträge: 891

29.01.2023 09:47
#7 RE: new driver Antworten

Salut Philippe

good you made it over to the league. enjoy. :)

Philippe Girard Offline


Beiträge: 21

29.01.2023 11:42
#8 RE: new driver Antworten

thank you friends for your welcome.
it starts rather badly because I will be absent on Friday February 3 and 17. apart from these 2 days, I am present every day.
you will tell me when can I participate in the championship with you.
If you don't mind, I'll take the lotus. it's hard to drive, but it's the best!

Albrecht Offline


Beiträge: 2.955

29.01.2023 12:41
#9 RE: new driver Antworten

Zitat von Philippe Girard im Beitrag #8
If you don\'t mind, I\'ll take the lotus. it\'s hard to drive, but it\'s the best!

Good choice, the Lotus is also my favourite car.
I'm looking forward to racing with you.

Wenn du den Baum siehst, in den du rein fährst, hast du untersteuert. Wenn du ihn nur hörst, hast du übersteuert. - Walter Röhrl

Cruo Offline


Beiträge: 512

29.01.2023 13:21
#10 RE: new driver Antworten


I am so glad to have new drivers around.

Come and race with us. no problem. we all need to take care and adapt to each other.

Take any car u want. I hate lotus.(but i little less cos i did win one race in it)

Sanjin Haler

Philippe Girard Offline


Beiträge: 21

30.01.2023 17:31
#11 RE: new driver Antworten

Me too, I don't really like the lotus. I chose it because it's the fastest, but I think I'll be more comfortable with the Brabham, the car I'm used to driving.
as I told you above, I will not be able to participate in the next 2 training races, but on the other hand, I will be available for the following races, that is to say the official races. Is it possible to participate? if yes, how to get the password? on the igor chat, before the race?

Loepi Offline


Beiträge: 1.454

30.01.2023 18:17
#12 RE: new driver Antworten

Hi Philippe,

welcome to the Gentlemen´s League!

You could upload a current replay from an online-race with you in traffic or from the beginning (60 fps preferred). I and maybe others will have a look into it.

You will then get the PW here via PrivateMails.

Greets, Lasse

Philippe Girard Offline


Beiträge: 21

31.01.2023 09:00
#13 RE: new driver Antworten

Finally, I will join you in March at the spa training.
I failed to attach a replay file on the forum.
I couldn't send the file by email to Albrecht, because it was too large!
it does not matter, I train in off

Hans Marfan Offline


Beiträge: 2.186

01.02.2023 13:16
#14 RE: new driver Antworten

Oops, I overlooked this one, sorry!

Philippe, if Robert says you're a safe driver, then that is enough for me.
Feel free to start at the Solitude.

Cruo Offline


Beiträge: 512

01.02.2023 17:56
#15 RE: new driver Antworten

o yea

Sanjin Haler

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