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Cruo Offline


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25.10.2019 19:22
Other games? Antworten

Just asking. I got kids and i dont like em play to much. maybe 3 h a week.

But i was on games back in 1991 starting from comodore 64 - than 386 , 486, p 166mmx, ... but i stuck to 2000,2005 maybe, newer than that ,hmm cant remember.

i did lots of minecraft from 1.9 to 1 13. its fun- again now kids play.

fallout is so cool.

fallout 76, i dont know , i dont like Bethesda , i think they gonna scruv it cos game will never be complete. bl

Sanjin Haler

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26.10.2019 11:49
#2 RE: Other games? Antworten

Aaaah, history

My journey into gaming started waaay back in the very early eigthies on the Atari 2600 (the one with the pseudo-wood panels...). Follow-ups were the c64 and the Amiga 500. First real PC was a 486.

Nowadays all my retro-gaming needs are fulfilled by a raspberry pi3 with Recalbox ;)

Gamewise: yeah, all the classics. Never been really into RPGs with to big exceptions: Gothic 1+2 and the Fallout series (1/2/3/New Vegas). Had a chance to check out 4 at a friend for a few hours and then decided to pass on that one. 76 as well for obvious reasons

About once a year we meet with a few friends, build a LAN like back in the day and then: Age of Empires II

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28.10.2019 11:58
#3 RE: Other games? Antworten

Uh. I am settlers fun, but for AoE is better not to show kids. I didnt play em ever but I see that is one of best games all time. Nice. But I must try it.

Sanjin Haler

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