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Hans Marfan Offline


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23.12.2018 14:45
#16 RE: Nürburgring - Grand Prix - Saisonfinale! Antworten

Schick, danke!

tim Offline


Beiträge: 324

24.12.2018 10:18
#17 RE: Nürburgring - Grand Prix - Saisonfinale! Antworten

@Dag: I think I know this kind of saturation, it comes and (hopefully) goes. It was always a thrill racing with you, I especially remember Rouen. And I will be happy to meet you at the Long Ring Night for another fight!

Dag_J Offline


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25.12.2018 22:39
#18 RE: Nürburgring - Grand Prix - Saisonfinale! Antworten

Thanks Tim , yes its been a blast all year and as I said I fully brought it on myself and it didnt really come as a suprise , I just hoped I would finish the season and year a little better and not run out of mental fuel before the end but it cracked up in the last races. Dont have the exact count but with the LRN I have something like a 100 - 110 online starts in 2018. Not gonna break that record for a while.

Will show up to the LRN practically without any tests or practice and hope that once january comes around it starts to tickle in the right foot again. But the LRN is mostly just great fun for me , not my best track and I know that most of the guys are stronger than me at Nurburgring so I will take that as it comes.

Hope you are all having a nice christmas guys. Thanks for all the battles and the good fights in 2018.

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