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  • Daytona SCXDatum21.03.2019 10:07
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    zum Rennen gestern: wer zu wenig Sprit einfüllt, übt Nachtanken -sehr lehrreich :)
    und Gratulation Axel! 0,19sec ist ein schöner Sieg! Schade, dass ich dich und Mario nicht herausfordern konnte.

    @Albrecht: ich hätte Interesse an deinem G29. Würde auch, wenn das Ding vl doch funktioniert, dir gern einen angemessenen Preis dafür zahlen..was meinst du?

  • Daytona SCXDatum13.03.2019 10:20
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    ok, thx!

  • Addon Mirror?Datum13.03.2019 10:19
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Dachte an eine Verschiebung in die Mitte des oberen Bildrandes, aber Du hast natürlich Recht. Sehr schön jedenfalls dass nen Spiegel gibt!

    ps: Wir sprachen eh schon mal online drüber aber ich hatte die Details vergessen. Danke Axel!

  • Addon Mirror?Datum12.03.2019 23:29
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    kann ich den spiegel centern oder sonstwie verschieben?

  • Addon Mirror?Datum12.03.2019 14:19
    Thema von tim im Forum Technik - Probleme und...


    does anybody know about a mirror-addon?
    My problem:
    When driving the new SCX-MOD some of the cars have very little or the mirrors are out of my visual field. So I want some extra mirror inside my cockpit -like the inside-mirror in a normal streetcar, in the middle-top of off my screen.

    Thx for a link or an explanation!

  • Daytona SCXDatum12.03.2019 12:08
    Thema von tim im Forum Allgemeines GPL Fun Liga

    Liebe Leute bitte sagt mir, sind die vorangekündigten 56 Runden korrekt? oder kommt mir das zu lang vor?

  • Bremgarten - Grand PrixDatum09.03.2019 08:24
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Claudio you are so right, I was far to hot and tried to overtake like a prone. In that moment everything I decided was wrong. Sorry also to Uwe, Kelvin and all for disturbing your evening!
    I promise patience

  • Bremgarten - Grand PrixDatum08.03.2019 21:42
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Shame on me, overtaking like a real idiot!

  • Bathurst SCXDatum07.03.2019 10:28
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Had a great start, we were 3-wide after the first corner on this narrow track -great action when I could manage to get in front. Then I was kicked out and had to make a Shift-R and visit the pits. After 2 further incidents by my fault it was impossible for me to close the gap to the guys in front. I watched the replay afterwards and saw everybody driving like hell :) -a real brutal track that Bathurst is..

  • Alles hat ein Ende....Datum07.03.2019 08:30
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Danke Hans für die neue Seite!

  • Training - BremgartenDatum01.03.2019 23:11
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Gratulation to all who took part on this non easy, narrow track! 42 laps, kinda trippy.
    I had 3 major spinns and some contacts with fences but managed to bring it home. The Honda seems quite a robust and stable racecar. Fun to drive!
    Thanks guys for Bremgarten, a great rollercoaster!

    Lasse, couldn´t catch you, was to unconcentrated..
    Claudio, great you´re back!

  • Training - BremgartenDatum01.03.2019 11:21
    Thema von tim im Forum GPL Gentlemen's League

    Verehrte Motorsportgemeinde, dear racers!

    Sadly I cannot take part tonight and hope you all survive the treetunnels. I wish you a great trainingtime!
    But don´t get to happy about it, next friday I´ll be back, fast and consistent ;)

  • Kyalami - Pro LongDatum22.02.2019 23:25
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    great pace you´re all going, special the podium drivers! Great car control to see at the replay!
    Sorry Albrecht, after a bunch of great laps I lost it, I had real great racing up til then, thank you!

  • Training - KyalamiDatum18.02.2019 09:09
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema maybe in my next life :)

  • Training - KyalamiDatum16.02.2019 20:36
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    A very exciting race for me, following mainly Rainer in his Cooper who did a great job. 2 times I could overtake him on the long straight down the hill, but he always contered perfectly on the brakes, so no chance to pass him for about 20 rounds. A great fight of consistance between us. I enjoyed this very much! Also the 2 fightinglaps with Claudio, but I couldn´t keep his pace this evening. Kyalamy is a track I don´t really understand -how can you all go so fast here?

  • Montlhéry '66 - Grand PrixDatum12.02.2019 14:54
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Grats Podium & Grats Claudio for a world record!
    Myself was a little bit depressed ;) after the freeze, because I had a good run and was slowly closing up. After my spin in R1 I had some great moments when winning back my lost possitions.

    Very awaiting Kyalamy..

  • Training - MontlhéryDatum01.02.2019 22:50
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    Sorry for the incident in L1 to Claudio and all! :(((
    On TS I heared that I disturbed a lot of hopes, sorry guys!

  • Training - MontlhéryDatum01.02.2019 20:27
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    läuft doch

  • GPL WeeklyDatum30.01.2019 22:39
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    schau in deine privaten mails hier.. (aber TS ist gerade down)

  • Albi - Pro LongDatum27.01.2019 20:06
    Foren-Beitrag von tim im Thema

    yes, thx Albrecht for the weekly-authoring -a very interesting site!

    In my case last friday was a race to forget. Reason mainly my new racingseat, it arrived 2 hours before racestart and I hardly had time to build it up. It was like sitting in different car, but with an unknown feeling. Now I´ve setted it perfectly with leg-distances and it feels like being the car itself :) Very happy the "old" solution with my turnable office seat is gone..

    Gratulations to the podium and finishers. What a great drivers grid we have this year!
    Only one thing: I thought we had the lotus-discussion with Killer Miele last year..? He seems far to fast for this car. But don´t take me false, I don´t care -fun rules!

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