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  • Dundrod '65 - Grand PrixDatum16.11.2019 13:31
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    I missed the whole lap 1 debacle as I had to go off into T1 to avoid slamming into Axel (I think , a ferrari anyways) in front of me. Didnt damage the car so I was ok to continue. Closing in on the double drop and not to my surprise I see a marshal waving a yellow flag. And as I came down the hill I see a honda tipped over plus a couple of other wrecks. Commiserations to those who got smashed on lap 1.

    So I managed to get by a couple of cars on the 1st lap but I found myself immediately in a pocket all by self where I didnt see anyone after lap 1. So as much as I was looking forwards to racing you guys again after being absent a while that didnt hold up for longer than into T1 on the first lap.. Needless to say , without any stake in the championship my concentration was never gonna hold up for 26 laps. But I managed to get to the halfway point before I got stuck in a paper thin strip of grass.. Dundrod had me and werent gonna let me go so that was the end point for me. Still , the most awesome track in all of gpl land , possibly with the exception of Sachsenring. Its a fantastic drive imo.

    Grats Mario and Lasse who I gathered were the only finishers. Well done!

  • Training - Dundrod ´65Datum15.11.2019 13:33
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    I will join in the white whale tonight. Not worried about being up front to put it that way , aiming for a mid-field kind of a thing..

  • Road America - Grand PrixDatum19.10.2019 23:08
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Thank you Mr. Marfan , it was good to be back. And long , very long. This race must have been more than an hour and a half.

    I had a honda race today and the setup needed a long run test and RA is such a great track to drive so it was time to join in again. Im also driving Dundrod , and nurb probably.

    Good to see all of you again!

  • Rennkalender / Race Calendar 2019!Datum07.01.2019 12:05
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Hi Robert and welcome. I suspected you would turn up to fill up your race calendar for 2019 , shame about F1 legends but it is what it is I suppose. This is in any case a great championship and a serious challenge as well so it should be one you will enjoy.

    As for chassi guys , since Im not gonna be all in this year I was thinking either the brabham or the honda as these are cars where I have some setups ready to go from other leagues. Hardly ever driven the cooper. The honda would be fine , I can help Lasse and Tim in the constructor championship in the few races I join. Im slow as hell in it but its fun to drive.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Thanks Tim , yes its been a blast all year and as I said I fully brought it on myself and it didnt really come as a suprise , I just hoped I would finish the season and year a little better and not run out of mental fuel before the end but it cracked up in the last races. Dont have the exact count but with the LRN I have something like a 100 - 110 online starts in 2018. Not gonna break that record for a while.

    Will show up to the LRN practically without any tests or practice and hope that once january comes around it starts to tickle in the right foot again. But the LRN is mostly just great fun for me , not my best track and I know that most of the guys are stronger than me at Nurburgring so I will take that as it comes.

    Hope you are all having a nice christmas guys. Thanks for all the battles and the good fights in 2018.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Thanks guys. This isnt one of those bad burnouts and very much self imposed as Ive been completely hooked on gpl all year. This year has all in all been a blast for me in terms of driving this wonderful sim. If I was a little smarter I would have seen this brick wall coming.. Drove the last "official" race yesterday so finally done.

    Im definetly driving a good handful of races next season but I wont be fully commited for the long haul.

    Ive signed up for the LRN dec. 30th so I suppose I will see some of you guys there.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Grats Lasse , Tim and Claudio.

    Grats Kelvin as the GELI champion of 2018! Well done sir!

    As for my own form its totally down the drain and I just gave up having gone off at "der ring" on the 2nd lap. Ive bitten over much more than I can chew in 2018 and I paid a price for that in the last stages of the season. Now Im not touching a wheel for at least a couple of weeks. Never thought I would say it but Im just fed up and completely saturated with gpl now. But man what a sim this is , fantastic stuff and its been a great year for gpl all in all.

    Next season Im probably not gonna drive that many races with you guys. I will drop in here and there when I can and I will keep updating gpl weekly unless someone volounteers to take over.Be back for a full run in 2020.

    I wish you fine gentlemen a merry christmas and a happy new year.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Next season will be somewhat reduced for my part due to the tendonitis issue so Im not gonna be "all in" so to speak. I have however been checking out quite a few new tracks lately and Ive come across some real gems so my six would be :

    Lake Kansas
    Donington 37 (very hard to overtake in the 67s and hardly designed for such cars but man oh man what a piece of art this track is)
    Brno 49

    Dont care wich are PL`s and GP`s.

  • Training - Interlagos ´70Datum23.11.2018 21:38
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Screenfreeze in T1. Shortest race Ive ever driven.

  • Watkins Glen - Pro LongDatum03.11.2018 00:25
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    No problem Carsten , things happen when we race.

    I had no practice or setup prepared but managed to find a decent setup at first but made some last minute changes that turned the car to crap. Hopelessly understeered and I drove like crap with overdriving and all manner of things one shouldnt do so in a way you put me out of my misery even though I was running 3rd at the time.

    Grats Uwe, Carsten and Frank.

  • Torino 55 - Grand PrixDatum20.10.2018 11:10
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Grats Lasse , Frank & Kelvin on the podium and the only finishers.

    Massive grats to Kelvin with the championship tucked away with many rounds to go , and in a BRM no less.

    Very nice track to drive , had a nice scrap with Lasse for a few laps until I ran straight into a light post and then it was race over.

  • Schottenring - Grand PrixDatum22.09.2018 11:28
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Grats Mario and Claudio. Grats Frank for finishing. Commiserations to the DNF`s

    It was always about surviving and I did. 18 laps is a long way around this track. Allthough its not quite as unforgiving as Nurburgring or Sachsenring its still tricky and pretty unforgiving.

    Had a good scrap with Claudio but I made some small boo boo`s along the way and had to drop back with only a couple of laps to go and by then it wasnt possible to catch him so good job Claudio. I probably had a little more pace in the ferrari but very hard to overtake and Claudio didnt make any mistakes so well done.

  • Leipzig '58 - Pro LongDatum08.09.2018 16:57
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Grats Lasse , Claudio and all finishers. Commiserations to those who went out.

    Tricky track and very little practice called for a defensive strategy where I traded pace for security. Was expecting a P5\6 and came away with 2nd place. That was a bonus. Managed to jump Uwe in the start and gained one place. After that I tried to hang with Kelvin and Lasse in front of me. Stayed with them for a while but had to drop back a little. Then I caught up to them around midways but made a small mistake and dropped a few sec back again. Had a couple of major moments along the way so all in all lucky to have finished.

    C u guys @ Schottenring.

  • Rouen - Grand PrixDatum14.08.2018 12:37
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    New version available. (rpy director v4)

  • Rouen - Grand PrixDatum12.08.2018 20:02
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Yes , all 4 goes into the options folder in GEM.

    The replay director is manual camera angle control. Set it to "in car" and it will stay there for the whole race. The cam will jump between drivers based on the gaps between cars essentially. If there is little action on track the cam will rest with the leader of the race. (same for all patches)

    The conservative version is the same manual control version except the distance requirements are different so the cam doesnt jump as much. For bigger race fields like 12 - 15 + drivers

    The heli - onboard - tv1 shifts angle as well when the cam jumps between drivers , to get some variation. The "heli" view is actually the "rear susp" cam in an edited version.

    The tv1 - on board - tv2 is the same and probably the one I like the best. Shifts between tv angle and onboard view.

    Works on all replays so test and see wich you prefer. Activate in GEM before launching gpl.

  • Rouen - Grand PrixDatum12.08.2018 19:44
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Yes that is correct. The race will be broadcast *LIVE* on youtube on thursday @ 2000 CET for the whole world to see..(the channel has 7 subscribers or so). One full hour of practice so race starts approx 2100 CET. Racelength 45 min. 33 laps on Kyalami this thursday.

    Hopefully it will be a spectacle worth watching and not just a spectacle.

  • Rouen - Grand PrixDatum12.08.2018 01:55
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Yes , that was the plan.

    Fall season starts next thursday. So far the stream has been kinda crappy but Olaf figured out at way to change views between drivers automatically via the replay director patch and he found a way to integrate pribluda into the rpy so we get some additional info on screen so the stream should be something actually worth watching now.

    Any and all who wants more gpl are welcome to join.

  • Rouen - Grand PrixDatum11.08.2018 10:30
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Thank you Tim , from the lap chart I wasnt that fast it seems. And I should congratulate you as well with great progression since you started here not long ago. You are way quicker now and that didnt take long.

    Grats to Kelvin and Rainer on the podium and to all finishers , commiserations to those who dropped out along the way. Kelvin is showing some serious consistency in the championship with strong drives every race.

    If you guys havent gotten the replay director patch yet it comes highly recommended. Another little stroke of genius from Mr. Lehman , we are gonna use it for the live stream on youtube but its great to watch replays with as well. And the latest version is working really well now. Available for download over at SRMZ.

  • Imola - Pro LongDatum01.08.2018 11:32
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Grats Uwe , Tim and Claudio. Grats to all finishers and commiserations to those who didnt make it.

    Weekly is updated.

    Next season, if we avoid split events with combined scores then we can score the league over at weekly as well as both points scales are now in place.

    Ive been not driving for weeks now and Im painfree so I will probably see you fine gentlemen @ Rouen.

  • Spa Francorchamps - Grand PrixDatum30.06.2018 18:06
    Foren-Beitrag von Dag_J im Thema

    Thanks Tim , a few weeks rest and I ll be fine again. Grats on back to back Spa victories , well done!

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