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  • Training - Spa 67DatumHeute 16:41
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    I should pour gasoline on my rear tires and light them on fire. They wouldn't burn much faster than what the track did to them. I hope I find a solution before next Friday.

    Congrats Axel! It makes me happy to see you finish such a long race.

  • Training - Montjuic ParqueDatum08.02.2020 17:38
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats Mario, Lasse, and Sanjin! That was a very impressive performance by the two leaders. A Brabham wouldn't have been enough for me to keep up with Mario. I don't know if a Brabham would be fast enough for me to keep up with Lasse. That was a nice drive by Sanjin too. He had me close behind him for almost half the race and never made much of a mistake. I can't drive the BRM that well.

    My new strategy has worked well the last two weeks. Drive as slow as I have to to finish. I showed some decent speed the last 4 laps at Schottenring and I drove decent in the middle of this race to close the gap to Sanjin. No Sanjin, I don't think you slowed me down much if any. If I was any faster it wasn't enough to notice.

    I enjoyed this one. I'm starting to drive somewhat well again. Sanjin gave me a chance to finish 3rd, but I pressed my luck a little and spun at T1. I needed nerves of steel. I have doubts I'll ever have those again.

    Thanks for the fun guys.

  • MontjuicDatum07.02.2020 17:29
    Thema von Gregory Taber im Forum Allgemeines GPL Fun Liga

    I tested the BRM. It appears to be 1-1.5 seconds slower than the MS10. I'd guess I have more experience on this track with this mod than Mario does. I thought he might be able to use the slipstream to keep up with me. I had a greater advantage than I thought I would. I'll use the BRM next week. It will be interesting to see if I can use the slipstream to keep up with Mario. I don't expect to be faster than Mario and I can't remember ever thinking I would be faster. Occasionally I might surprise Mario and Lasse in the practice race because I have experience and a setup before practice starts. I'll be sad if Mario's a second faster than me.

    Thanks for letting me race with you guys.

  • Training - SchottenringDatum25.01.2020 16:23
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    That was sad. No Honda completed a single race lap.

  • Training - Zolder 67Datum11.01.2020 16:40
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats guys! That was a little fun for the first 20 laps until I realized I didn't have the fuel to finish. I should have ran as fast as I could instead of saving fuel from lap 20. I doubt I could have finished 36 laps but I could have got some good information on my setup.

    At one point I thought everybody was going to pass me since so many faster drivers fell behind me at one point. I thought it was funny that I showed Lasse how fast he was supposed to be going, 1 second faster than me. I do that to Mario too. Occasionally I get in front of them but it doesn't take them long to go a second or two faster than me.

    I'm struggling with my consistency but at least I'm keeping my car in decent shape. I probably should have driven the Brabham but I don't want that car advantage. I didn't want to drive the Cooper either since it was the car I drove the last time I was able to race much with you guys. I doubt I'd enjoy driving the BRM much so I'm going with the Honda. Hopefully it will give me a good advantage on the Cooper at a few tracks.

    Thanks for letting me race with you guys.

  • Saisonstart in Zolder 67Datum10.01.2020 00:57
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Hello. Sorry I missed it. I was busy.

    What cars did you guys drive? There's multiple McLarens and Matras. I would have driven the M9A had I appeared.

  • Funliga 2020Datum03.01.2020 20:33
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    I don't know what cars to drive. I do know I like to have a slightly faster car than Mario and Tim. I don't know how many races I might appear. It could be many or it could be few.

    I don't really want to drive the fastest cars. I don't like the BRM. I may try to drive the M9A and Lotus 49 often. I might try to drive the Ferrari a few times too.

  • Rennkalender / Race Calendar 2020Datum03.01.2020 20:15
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Zitat von Josefine Thiel im Beitrag #13
    Das wird dann heute erstmal mein letztes Rennen, da ich am 7. auf unbestimmte Zeit ins Krankenhaus muss.

    I hate to read that. I hope you recover soon.

  • Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Zitat von Hans Marfan im Beitrag #16

    Feedback pls.

    That looks like an excellent schedule. I'm not fond of Estoril or Aintree but we can't have everything we want. I like the choice of Riverside 71 instead of Riverside 66. Riverside 71 was the only track I could think of requesting. I knew any other track I like would be on the schedule. It's good to see Isle of Man as a non points race.

  • Training - NürburgringDatum07.12.2019 17:52
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Zitat von Robert Fleurke im Beitrag #6
    Great job Greg, respect! Despite you problems with your arm you're still a "Ringmeister".

    Thanks Rob! I have to think, "I'm back!" I made one mistake. I did the same with the Porsche 910 Wednesday, one mistake. I spun exiting the mini karussell this time. I tried to use 2nd gear that time. There's many places I'm down shifting to 1st just to make sure I have slowed enough. I drove somewhat fast the entire race and set a new personal best. I knew long ago that I should be able to do 8:02 but I never could break 8:04. I didn't expect to do that this time. In the past, it wasn't unusual for me to set my fastest laps after an hour of racing.

    It was a shame to see you go off the track Rob. I was content to follow you and Claudio the entire race, if necessary. I hoped you would recover without damage.

    My arm is getting stronger. I'm now able to drive without often feeling pain and it doesn't seem to get severe anymore.

    Zitat von Claudio Callipo im Beitrag #5
    The Brabham is better to drive with a full tank.

    You would have been holding me back more if I was in the Ferrari. I tried my best to be careful but still I got much closer to you 2 or 3 times than I like. A tiny bit of warp could have killed both of us.

    Thanks Tim for being careful and looking out for me during the early part of the race.

    I've been trying to drive the Brabham, BRM, and Lotus often the past 2 years. They are the cars I struggle with most. I'm better with high horsepower versus high torque.

    Next season I have to go back to the Cooper or Honda. Sadly, with either of those cars I don't think I stand a chance against Rob, Mario, Lasse, and Tim in a BRM.

    I'm not sure I'll be able to race next Friday. If I do I'm not sure what I should do. Having not raced most of the season, the last thing I want to do is get in anybody's way or have a bad effect on their race. Trying to get pole position and lead may be the best way for me to reduce any problems I could cause.

    I'm impressed with the Repco's durability. I was abusing it regularly in a few places by revving it too high. I worried that it could break at any time.

    I appreciate you letting me race with you. And I'm very pleased that I'm able to finish a long race on Pro damage.

  • NurburgringDatum06.12.2019 17:25
    Thema von Gregory Taber im Forum Allgemeines GPL Fun Liga

    Thanks for the fun guys.

    I was surprised that Tim let me win one. I hope Mario drives the Alfa again. I'd like to drive the Alfa next week. Maybe with a little practice and a slipstream I can keep up with Mario.

    I wasn't well prepared for this one. I just got my GPL and computer settings correct near the end of practice. My best bet to have a decent race was to copy my GT Porsche setup. This was the first time I've driven the Sports Car Extra Porsche. Had I driven the Alfa, I'd guess Mario would have drove away from me like I drove away from him in the Porsche.

    My apologies to Axel and Mario for my mistake at the Schikane.

  • OpatijaDatum30.11.2019 17:49
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats Mario!

    That's no big deal Tim. That would be cruel if you did it intentionally. I think Axel said, "Awww Greg" after he saw my early problems. That's why I said on TS3, "They're picking on me." It was difficult to keep from hitting Mario at the hairpin. The only way I could have stayed off the haybales was if I hit him. I've already hit him at least twice in these Sports Cars. There's nothing I hate more than wrecking the other drivers.

    Thanks for letting me try to race.

  • Opatija - Pro LongDatum30.11.2019 17:35
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats Rob, Lasse, and Mario! It's nice to see you guys doing such a good job.

    I started from the back. I needed to do that. I was very uncomfortable driving the car until late in the race. It was very likely I would have caused problems had I tried to qualify well and then start in the pack. I'm very pleased to finish on this track and keep my car in decent shape. I knew finishing would likely get me a good position. I've had doubts for a year I could finish races on Pro damage. My arm I fractured in April is recovering it's strength. Sadly, I doubt it will ever be as good as it was.

    "Greg seemed to be aware and let me by when I did lap him."

    For a few laps, I thought you were out of the race. I got a new high resolution TV and I didn't get my Pribluda font size changed before qualifying. It was difficult to read any of Prib's data. Thinking you were out of the race, made me a little sad thinking I was going to knock Josefine off the podium before the end of the race. Her P5 finish is much more impressive than my P4.

    I think I made Josefine nervous. She gave me P4 by hitting the haybales at the last hairpin. If I start at back, stay calm ladies and gentlemen. I intend to be cautious as I try to move through the field.

    Thanks for letting me race. I'm not in good shape for race starts or taking much pressure. But it is fun trying to finish a race on a track like this.

  • Training - OpatijaDatum25.11.2019 04:29
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    "I clearly ran 32 laps and saw the checkered flag first, not sure why my last lap wasn't timed at s/f? "

    My finish was stranger than that. I didn't get the checkered flag until I had run 32 laps even though all 3 of you lapped me.

    I was glad to finish but I'm not very pleased with the way I did it. I'm lucky I didn't hit Lasse. I may have bumped him but I didn't feel anything. I was unable to keep my car as far to the left as I wanted. I clipped the post at the top of the hill twice. The first time I did it, made Ferdi brake for my spinning car and unfortunately Mario hit him thus ruining their race. My apologies. That first wreck cut my top speed by 15 kph. I hit it again later and rolled the car but miraculously landed on my wheels. That cut my top speed another 30 kph. After that, the only reason to keep driving was to see if the car could make it to the finish line.

    The Brabham was incredible. It took some major damage and just made it to the finish line. The engine exploded just as I was finishing 32 laps.

    If I race next Friday, I'll disqualify myself during practice. I needed the practice for starting the race but I don't want to have any effect on the early laps of any other drivers next time.

  • Dundrod '65 - Grand PrixDatum17.11.2019 17:59
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats Mario, Lasse, and Claudio! You guys are awesome! Some people like to worship sports figures. If I liked to do such things, Mario would be a good choice for me. I think it's a honor to be on the track with all of you. It was good to see Axel make it as far as he did too.

    Lasse broke my heart. He's so fast in the Honda that I don't think I could have qualified better than him in the Lotus, Eagle, or Ferrari. A few years ago those 3 cars would have gave me a good chance to beat Mario or Lasse in their crappy Hondas and BRMs.

    "Es ist nie so dass ich volle Kanne fahre am Anfang -ich fahre immer möglichst vorsichtig und versuche nicht rauszufallen."

    I might guess that you were too cautious in the turn before Deer's Leap. I looked at the replay before leaving the server and you looked like you were much slower through that turn than you needed to be. Had I been able to think faster and make a better decision, your mistake made not have made as big a mess.

    It was nice to be on track with all of you. I had not used Pro damage in a year. Just making it through qualifying was pleasing. I had doubts I could finish such a long race but I was confident enough to think I could complete at least a few if not many laps.

    Take care ladies and gentlemen.

  • Dundrod '65 - Grand PrixDatum15.11.2019 22:08
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Crap! I added to Tim's mistake. I couldn't decide what to do in time. I could have slowed the car after the top of the hill and stopped off the right side of the track. It was a bad decision trying to sneak by before Tim's car came back on the track. My apologies Rob. It was a shame to see you caught in the mess too. Especially after being so cautious and letting me pass. I tried to let you back in front of me before T1 but figured the safest place was in front of you.

    That was fun while it lasted. I made it through qualifying without hurting the car much if any. I was getting into a little bit of a rhythm with Brabham, something I never did with the Ferrari 330. It looked like with such a light car I may have been able to stay with Rob and Mario during the early part of the race. I'd have struggled to keep up later in the race.

    Thanks for letting me try guys. I wish I'd have made a better decision. We may not have seen such a mess. Take care.

  • Training - Dundrod ´65Datum11.11.2019 20:13
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema


    I might like to try this one. I'm slower and less consistent than the past so I'd like to drive a Brabham. If nobody minds me racing, I'd also want to start at the back so I have little to no effect on the progress of the other drivers' seasons.

    If there is a Team Speak server, I no longer know the ip address or password.

  • Dundrod 65Datum09.11.2019 20:25
    Thema von Gregory Taber im Forum Allgemeines GPL Fun Liga

    Congrats Mario! Excellent job.

    This was one of those rare occasions I had a chance to beat Mario. I had a good setup from the GT mod. I know the track well. I had a car advantage. And I've shown some good speed here in the past. That still wasn't enough to win one. I hit a hedge at Deer's Leap thus losing the lead. Luckily the car still worked well. I followed Mario for a while but couldn't match his speed out of the last turn. I needed to tail him closely there if I wanted a good chance to pass on the straight. Finally, I lost it at the turn before the pit places we used. I broke through a hedge and couldn't get out of the field without a reset. I was pleased to finish while following the rules posted on Funliga's website.

    Those were good lap times for a Mirage. I don't think I could get close to that. I might set a little faster lap next time, but my odds of beating Mario will probably be lower. I'm going to need to drive well and be very consistent to have any chance. My work will be much easier with such a nice car as the Ferrari.

    Take care guys and thanks for letting me race with you.

  • Zeltweg 67Datum31.10.2019 04:08
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    Congrats Axel!

    My apologies Mario. I needed to brake a little earlier for T1. I was worried about Axel and Albrecht behind me. If you could have left me a little more room on the inside, I may have been able to keep from hitting you. It's a shame your were disconnected. You drove great even though I handicapped your race.

    I didn't know the rules. I reset after T1 and didn't pit the first time. I later reset after getting stuck on a hay bale. If the rules I found are correct, I'm disqualified.

    Are these the rules? One reset followed immediately by a pit stop. One time penalty for not pitting immediately and larger time penalty for not pitting.

  • Road America - Grand PrixDatum23.10.2019 22:46
    Foren-Beitrag von Gregory Taber im Thema

    I hope you guys (and ladies?) are doing well. I miss racing with you. I hope someday I can race with you again.

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