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Loepi Offline


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22.03.2020 09:25
#31 RE: Cadwell Park - Pro Long Antworten

Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #26
Dont know to install 64bit xp and try again.

I´m not so sure if 64 bit XP is a good choice... I don´t know if that could be the solution, but i know many people having probs with that OS-version.
Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #26
Or other hardware. Maybe hdd slow , hm.

By the way: What was your hardware? CPU? memory?

Fabian Offline


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22.03.2020 10:02
#32 RE: Cadwell Park - Pro Long Antworten

Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #30

Hardware Acceleration must be full to not have problems with hiccups.

ah, I misunderstood and thought it was solved:
no, hardware sound acceleration must be switched off!
also any 3D sound could cause problem

Cruo Offline


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22.03.2020 11:24
#33 RE: Cadwell Park - Pro Long Antworten

6gb ram
ati 6870 1gb

Yes its fixed. Solved.

Full acceleration and creative labs Pci sound card.

Well spa67 full grid at start now 45 fps was 51
But after t1 all works great.

Main thing is that there no problems. Smooth.
3d sound no problems for now.

Sanjin Haler

Loepi Offline


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27.03.2020 15:11
#34 RE: Cadwell Park - Pro Long Antworten

Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #33

I´m quite sure you will not become happy with that! A Core 2 Duo E8600 (or a Core 2 Quad Q9650 if you need four cores for other applications) would work much, much better. GPL needs that high clock rates (especially from those older generations).

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27.03.2020 15:41
#35 RE: Cadwell Park - Pro Long Antworten

Yes imo the Q6600 is under the limit, but it seems well overclockable, 2cores are better than a single, one for OS and one for GPL:

i guess the q6600 is the most sold lga 775 cpu... back in around 2008/2009 there were so many people who had this cpu and i remember how good this chip could overclock... even with a crappy board and stock cooler you could reach 3 ghz almost certainly

So 3000MHz should be a minimum with standard VCore


Q6600 runs at 2.4GHz, or 2400MHz. It ran on a 266MHz bus, I think, so it has a CPU multiplier of 9. This also means your ram is running at 533MHz. To get to 3.2GHz there are several ways. I won't work out all the ways, but the easiest is to up the FSB to 400MHz, and drop the CPU multiplier down to 8. This will require DDR2-800MHz. If you don't have 800MHz ram then this won't work as well. If you left the CPU at 9, you could move the FSB to 355MHz, meaning DDR2-667 ram has a better chance of working. 333 vs 355MHz. Trying to push on to 3.4GHz will require an FSB higher then 355 or 400MHz. Depending on your ram, this may or may not be possible.

B3 vs G0 is the stepping of the CPU. B3s came first, and have a lower overclock potential. Nearly every G0 could hit 3.2GHz with more possible depending on chip.

To find the specs (stepping and RAM specs) download CPU-Z ->

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