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Albrecht Offline


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23.10.2019 22:30
Zeltweg 67 Antworten

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Je genauer man plant, umso härter trifft einen der Zufall - F. Dürrenmatt

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Gregory Taber Offline


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23.10.2019 22:43
#2 RE: Zeltweg 67 Antworten

Congrats Mario!

That was fun. I had a bit of bad luck with Axel and Tim, but it didn't matter. I wasn't going to keep pace with Mario.

I let Tim pass me thinking his slipstream would make me fast enough that Axel couldn't catch me. But Axel fell further behind. I should have tried to keep you behind me longer, Tim.

I think I can get a little more consistent next time. I doubt I can go any faster.

Maybe I should have passed Mario at the start? Somebody needed to slow him down. But I'm not really confident enough with my driving to be getting in other's way.

Thanks for letting me race gentlemen.

tim Offline


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24.10.2019 11:53
#3 RE: Zeltweg 67 Antworten

..yes, that was fun!
Sorry Greg for hitting you right after Axels incident. The laps fighting with you afterwards was fun!!

Albrecht Offline


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30.10.2019 22:32
#4 RE: Zeltweg 67 Antworten

Je genauer man plant, umso härter trifft einen der Zufall - F. Dürrenmatt

Gregory Taber Offline


Beiträge: 62

31.10.2019 04:08
#5 RE: Zeltweg 67 Antworten

Congrats Axel!

My apologies Mario. I needed to brake a little earlier for T1. I was worried about Axel and Albrecht behind me. If you could have left me a little more room on the inside, I may have been able to keep from hitting you. It's a shame your were disconnected. You drove great even though I handicapped your race.

I didn't know the rules. I reset after T1 and didn't pit the first time. I later reset after getting stuck on a hay bale. If the rules I found are correct, I'm disqualified.

Are these the rules? One reset followed immediately by a pit stop. One time penalty for not pitting immediately and larger time penalty for not pitting.

Willi Offline

mehrfacher Weltmeister

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31.10.2019 21:04
#6 RE: Zeltweg 67 Antworten

Hi Greg,

no problem, a crash in turn one at this track could happen.
And the pitstop should normally be in the lap after the shift-r, but one lap later its no problem.
I'm much more angry about my freeze in the last lap!

Grüße, Willi

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