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Robert Fleurke Offline


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14.10.2019 17:38
#16 RE: Training - Road America Antworten

Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #10

Only last turn i had big problem with lag or fps down to 10 or less every lap. That didnt happened in offline.

Setup was from Watkins and some tweeks. Still need some camber adjustment and i must admit that i will try to break WR only if Robert dont do some counter attack. 😁.

I have FPS drops at Canada corner/T12 here online, and lowering antialias in my grahics card 3d settings helps to solve that for me. Goes also for other demanding tracks.

I will only prepare in BRM for this track, so be my guest to break my Cooper record. I'm sure you will be very fast again early race. Great to see you picking up the pace Sanjin, respect!

Cruo Offline


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14.10.2019 19:33
#17 RE: Training - Road America Antworten

Thanks. Thanks for support.

I install lite version and reduced track side objects.
Hm. Will see in race day. If fps still drops will try more.

Well I am picking up pace. Strange thing is that my pb laps are still to fast for me. But that is not important. Race is now priority. Long long race.

Cooper is to good. Dont know if i need to swich to brm or honda.

But to win is not a easy. And i dont want to be to excited. Main thing here is to finish race and have fun. And not make contact.

And i dont want to train or drive to much. Gpl was my obsession and its easily to hook again.
I am in v8thunder driving nascar only cos i dont have to prepare for race, that 1h of practice is enought to be ok for race.

Here is ok cos calendar is nicely set to have lots of time between races. I like it.

Sanjin Haler

Loepi Offline


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14.10.2019 22:59
#18 RE: Training - Road America Antworten

Zitat von Cruo im Beitrag #17
Cooper is to good. Dont know if i need to swich to brm or honda.

Oh i think it´ll be early enough if we examine that for the next saison...

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