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Claudio Callipo Online


Beiträge: 1.704

08.09.2019 15:55
#16 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

Interesting things Robert!
I am constantly trying to improve, even though I have had these eyes problems for a few years now. I'm glad to see you at all.
In setup things I'm really a rivet. I do not know where to change something to make it better for me. I always rely on others, which is sometimes a problem because they may have a different style of driving. I actually use the setups of Oliver Reinhold. Adjust something and let's go.
I learn a lot about world record replays. I see, for example how long the individual gears are, or in which gear a curve is driven and where the braking points are. Of course, I can not get used to these times, but I am improving my times massively!

My main problem is the constancy. I'm still as fast as I am in one lap, but I'm always in Attack mode instead of slowing down a bit and doing so for a long time.
I bought GPL directly in 1998, because of the Nordschleife. And after 21 years it is still fascinating for me to drive.
And you are still learning! Even with over 50!

Mit sportlichem Gruss
Vernünftige Autos werden vom Antrieb geschoben, nicht gezogen !!! (Walter Röhrl)

Robert Fleurke Offline


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09.09.2019 10:18
#17 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

Physical problems suck, I have a few myself...but also I try to have this "mind over matter" approach. The most important aspect is between the ears so to speak. My eyesight is also getting worse. Having a reading glasses and expect normal glasses in a few years. I'm turning 50y old next year. Happily we drive here with 60fps...

Setups are personal, but if you have the same config, hardware and driving style others' setups will work (I used to use GH2 a lot before, and sometimes use Phil Woodwards/Steve Cloyds as a base). I drive with 100% linearity (slider to the utmost left), 540 degrees rotation with the wheel and mostly around 8:1 steering ratio. I don't use steering hack (in core.ini, for wheels with less rotation combined with tight turns). I am always open to share my client replays and setups. If anyone wants to try/see them.

Also I do compare replays, and analyze them. Not so much anymore as before, but sometimes I still do. You also can learn from any driver, also slower drivers, for lines, choice of gear(ing) or anything for that matter. If you are open to learn something, you can.

I do regard consistency and managing the pace and grip also as a strong point. My smoothness ratings are always very high compared to most. I am always trying to maintain the balance, by adapting my driving. Going faster entering when having oversteer (sliding the front tires more), or feathering the throttle more when exiting (trying to low the rear tire temps/pressure, having less wheelspin). The opposite having understeer, easier entering, and more agressive exiting. What also helps exiting is trying to straighten your steering wheel, and/or straighten the exits, for better traction and acceleration. Sometimes in racesituations this is harder, but when I can get away with it, I will take a later apex towards a straight.

Because in GPL the grip is the same all around on a track (apart from tramlines/change in banking), you can use different lines without a problem.

Often when being chased, or chasing, I am starting to overdrive a bit, which can cause losing the balance, and/or overall grip. The balance is always a fine line here, but always try to have some margins to adapt my driving (that's where also the 25psi hot pressures come in, and the right balance concerning rollbars). About the suspension setup, the wheelrates are basically based on weight, and weight proportions of a car. Sometimes little tweaks to this can help for a track characteristic though. More ride height for tracks with elevation changes and compressions. But normally if I can get away with, as low as possible without bottoming out, for lowest center of gravity.

I am sure most of you know this already, but this is just my perspective, and maybe it helps someone.

Rainer Offline


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10.09.2019 21:29
#18 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

Zitat von Robert Fleurke im Beitrag #17
I am always open to share my client replays and setups. If anyone wants to try/see them.

I´m interested to see your replays and setups!
Would be great if you share it with us.


Robert Fleurke Offline


Beiträge: 96

11.09.2019 10:23
#19 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

You're welcome. Send me a mail for specific replays and/or setups. I don't have a package or so, yet.

Edit: had to rename this file to .txt, otherwis it wouldn't upload (it was .zip). These are the setups and replay for Palermo. The codes are:

For setup - mod (67) initials (rf) trackdir (palermo) car (p115) session/year (q19) version (v2)
For replay - mod (67) initials (rf) trackdir (palermo) car (p115) time/session (15642p) fps (60fps)

tim Offline


Beiträge: 292

12.09.2019 12:36
#20 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

..interesting, interesting you´re talking about Robert!

Thank you for your great offer and insight. There would be one setup I´d be really happy to know about, because on this track (Balcarce) I really got big troubles to find a balance for my Honda. I know we´ll drive this track next week, but if you don´t mind please let me have a look at your settings - this track drives me nuts..and I tried many diffent setups for it up till now - but without a good feeling..

Thank you!

Robert Fleurke Offline


Beiträge: 96

12.09.2019 13:37
#21 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

You're welcome. Please send me an email Tim, it's in my profile.

tim Offline


Beiträge: 292

12.09.2019 14:20
#22 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

sent, thank you!

Cruo Offline


Beiträge: 75

12.09.2019 22:51
#23 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

Nice. Well done for sharing setups. i will need it to one day to.

I am in gpl loong time to. I know lots of stuff to but setup is not making you alien, its You. its training and driving.

So guys talking is one thing and putting down the power on track is something else.

we need new topic only for these setup talk. Because we all need some tips here.

Sanjin Haler

Ferdi Offline


Beiträge: 4.835

02.10.2019 16:52
#24 RE: Palermo 1950 - Pro Long Antworten

Gruß Ferdi

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