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Gregory Taber Offline


Beiträge: 66

01.02.2019 13:52
#16 RE: Albi - Pro Long Antworten

I hope you guys are having fun. I've missed racing with you. Maybe some day I'll return. I haven't driven a lap at Targa Florio for a while. I may try to make that race. Take care guys.

Loepi Offline


Beiträge: 1.098

01.02.2019 18:43
#17 RE: Albi - Pro Long Antworten

Thank you all very much, this is good to hear! Seems we don´t do too much wrong - currently.

10 cars in between 0.6 seconds at qualifying - that´s looking good for an exciting season again.

I´m quite pleased with the race. I found 1 or 2 10ths of a sec from Training- to Race-Day... so i was close to but not able to stay with the podium. Without mine (and Claudios) "ride" nothing would have changed. I might be able to stay closer on other tracks - we´ll see.

@Chris: Brabham or Cooper? Nothing to dispute about. Hope to see you and Greg back on track soon!

Hans Marfan Offline


Beiträge: 1.577

04.02.2019 17:27
#18 RE: Albi - Pro Long Antworten

Sorry to all for my massively stupid manoevre at T1, I missed to brake erlier due to having my eyes glued to the mirror. I'm not used to stand in front positions....

@Gregory Taber : good to hear from you! We're here whenever your time allows to participate, we're not going anywhere

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