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 GPL Gentlemen's League
Claudio Callipo Offline


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27.01.2017 22:39
Monaco - GP Antworten

Mit sportlichem Gruss
Vernünftige Autos werden vom Antrieb geschoben, nicht gezogen !!! (Walter Röhrl)

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Gregory Taber Offline


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28.01.2017 19:20
#2 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

Congrats Mario and Claudio! That was an excellent drive from Mario.

I didn't qualify as well as I would have liked. Luckily I didn't lose many places.

I screwed up again and damaged my car on lap 1. I bumped the guard rail at Saite Devote. That knocked my left front wheel out of alignment. The first time into Massenet had me worried. It was do or die.

I tailed Kelvin for a while. I was hoping he might get tired of it and let me pass within the next 20 laps. He got sideways at Tabac and let me pass sooner than I had expected. I kept pace with a Claudio for a few laps but that didn't last long. The change in alignment made the car twitchy. It slowed me a down a little bit and hindered my consistency. Luckily I had a large gap to 4th place.

After the initial damage GPL didn't record any more. I did brush the wall coming out of Tabac a couple times and lightly clipped the haybales twice exiting Virage de la Gare. And I think I bumped the wall lightly exiting Portier.

I took some chances the last few laps trying to beat Mario for fast lap. I got lucky the two spins at Tabac didn't damage or destroy my car. If I could get some good heat in my tires with an undamaged car, I might be able to do high 1:25s with the Cooper.

It looks like the Cooper will soon be disadvantaged. But later in the season the Cooper will again be superior to the Honda and BRM.

Congrats to Claudio and Lasse too, for finishing after a significant amount of damage. Kelvin showed good speed with the BRM. I'd never be able to keep up with Lasse or Kelvin if I was driving the BRM too.

Thanks for the fun guys.

Ferdi Offline


Beiträge: 4.844

29.01.2017 11:56
#3 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

Gruß Ferdi

Loepi Online


Beiträge: 1.095

30.01.2017 20:12
#4 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

Ein ganz großes SORRY an Uli und alle nachfolgend involvierten. Das war mein Fehler, bin etwas zu früh und optimistisch in die Gazo eingebogen.

Ansonsten wars auch eher durchwachsen, bin ganz schön oft hier und da angeeckt. Zum Glück hats den BRM nur ein wenig verbogen...

Uli Hofmann Offline


Beiträge: 60

31.01.2017 10:27
#5 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

Monaco ist sicher DER Prüfstein für das Motto unserer Liga.
Normalerweise ist sowas kein Problem für mich – aber Du bist mir bereits in der 6. und der 7. Runde genau an der gleichen Stelle ans Auto gefahren!
… gibt mir schon zu denken, wenn der Gentlemen Meister so kontaktfreudig drängelt!
Wurmt mich immer noch, dass mein Rennen bereits in Runde 9 zu Ende war, aber dafür bin ich selbst und das GPL-Schadensmodel verantwortlich.

Dag_J Offline


Beiträge: 196

01.02.2017 14:06
#6 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

I bumped Claudio I think it was after maybe 1\3 of the race , I was trailing behind him and another car and something happened in the last corner before the stretch where we suddenly came to a stop and I wasnt able to avoid bumping the car ahead of me , my mistake though. Sry Claudio and whoever was in front of you. I had already hit a couple of rails here and there by that point and dont really know how I managed to finish. Again breathtaking pace here on monaco , got lapped twice by the top three I think.

Claudio Callipo Offline


Beiträge: 1.730

01.02.2017 22:00
#7 RE: Monaco - GP Antworten

no problem Dag! I was not there! Those were others.

Mit sportlichem Gruss
Vernünftige Autos werden vom Antrieb geschoben, nicht gezogen !!! (Walter Röhrl)

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