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 GPL Gentlemen's League
Claudio Callipo Offline


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10.06.2016 23:09
Targa Florio - Training Antworten

Mit sportlichem Gruss
Vernünftige Autos werden vom Antrieb geschoben, nicht gezogen !!! (Walter Röhrl)

Ferdi Offline


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11.06.2016 00:09
#2 RE: Targa Florio - Training Antworten

Gruß Ferdi

Gregory Taber Offline


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11.06.2016 16:52
#3 RE: Targa Florio - Training Antworten

Congrats Mario, Lasse, and Claudio!

That was fun. My practice is starting to pay off. The qualifying lap and the race lap were only my 4th and 5th lap I've driven here in a 67 F1 car. I've driven a lot of laps in the GTs though and a few in the 1971 Can Ams.

I'll return to the Honda for Salzburgring. It would be sacrilege for me to drive anything but a Ferrari or Alfa in my first race at Targa Florio in this type of car. I wouldn't have much fun with the Honda so I wouldn't enter the race in anything but the Ferrari.

I only loaded one lap of fuel for the race. I wasn't sure if I would try to complete that lap. There was a GT race at Targa Florio that I didn't want to miss. It was a decent lap I was running so I did finish it.

When I first started driving GPL in 2011, I drove two laps in the 330/P4 every Sunday morning for 6 months. That gave me a good idea of the track's layout. I would still forget where I was occasionally once or twice a lap. I drove here occasionally after that. About a year ago, I started missing the track because I spent most of my time driving online. For the last 6 months to a year, I've been driving two laps per week in a closed body car. I'm determined to drive a clean lap in one of the 67 GTs and 71 Can Ams. You can add the 312 to that list now. I'm getting closer. I may have bumped the wall once or twice on the race lap and I brushed one of the black and white pylons.

I love this track. It's now becoming very fun instead of frustrating. If it weren't so long it would be my favorite track. It makes Nurburgring seem small.

Thanks for letting me practice with you. I hope I haven't annoyed anybody by using such a good car for the circuit.

azul Offline


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12.06.2016 03:41
#4 RE: Targa Florio - Training Antworten

Schade, eine meiner Lieblingsstrecken, doch Familie geht vor...
Würde gern nächste Woche, doch fahre selbst, auch zwei Runden Nordscheife n "Demo"
Werde ich extra für euch in yout*be einstellen
cu on track

born to be vee

Claudio Callipo Offline


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12.06.2016 11:38
#5 RE: Targa Florio - Training Antworten

Schade Axel. Aber trotzdem viel Spass am Ring!!

Hi Gregory, your lap was very good. Respect!
Have you ever read my report of 2014 and seen the video?
Then go look for "Mitteilungen GPL Gentlemen League" then "Targa Florio Private Tour"

See you next Friday

Mit sportlichem Gruss
Vernünftige Autos werden vom Antrieb geschoben, nicht gezogen !!! (Walter Röhrl)

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