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Loepi Offline


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21.03.2014 18:34
Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Kleine Info noch vorab: Die Einführungsrunde wird heute mit 160 km/h / 100 mph gerollt.

cu soon

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21.03.2014 22:08
#2 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten


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21.03.2014 22:10
#3 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Hell wurde es im Rückspiegel, dazu ein teures Geräusch von hinten.


pit Offline


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21.03.2014 23:10
#4 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Zum Serverausfall während des Trainings hat mich Lasse auf eine Idee gebracht, man geht der Sache nach, siehe Bild ganz unten:

PnP means Plug 'n Pray, Murphy is right!

Angefügte Bilder:
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22.03.2014 01:17
#5 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Quite happy how the race turned out. I couldn't get a good draft in practice. In the end I decided to cruise around and wait for someone to give me a lift, didn't work that well either. Got P7 in the end.

Bit of confusion at the start of the formation lap lead to Rainer starting ahead of me instead of behind. I somehow assumed he was infront of me and I couldn't see him due to the initial gird placement. Anyway coming up to the start my plan to go round the outside was foiled by Kelvins engine but I could duck by Rainer on the inside of T1.
Got past David somehow and even though I could run with the leading pack but my tires soon gave up.
David soon caught me and I figured we could work our way towards the leaders so I let him by without much resistance trying to close the gap while we traded places. This didn't work out either, notice a theme here ;-)
So after 30-35 laps I was 2 secs of David 10 ahead of the driver behind me. Trying to keep the tires in a good enough condition and still go reasonably fast. Which was something that finally worked, I've got to learn to run my own race on Ovals and not go chasing after faster drivers.
In the last third of the race I found a driver who was on the same level as me. We run about 1-2 secs apart for 20 laps or so, I gained slightly into T1 he would get better through T2(or T4 as the Americans say :-)).
Caught him with 8 laps to maybe thanks to BRM #8.

All in all I had a great race no win but most consistent driver that's got to count for something :D

azul Offline


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22.03.2014 16:14
#6 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Gratz an alle.
Hab' durch die Querelen am Anfang etwas den Anschluss verloren. Dazu sollte ich die Gänge noch etwas optimieren, ohne Windschatten und mit 30l Sprit zuviel...
Tolles Rennen auf einer meiner Lieblingsstrecken.

born to be vee

col bentley Offline


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22.03.2014 22:47
#7 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

I was amazed at being P2 in qual (-o.o1 from David ;-P) , Kelvin on pole was no surprise ... but, for sure, Eagle is the boss here.

I expected Kelvin to go a lot earlier from the apex of the final turn for the start ... he made us all wait though .... when finally he went his engine explode (real bad luck).
In the first 10 laps places were changing quite frequently , with Harry and Mario both very fast until it was just Mario on my tail ..... for @40 laps I tried to keep him from the slipstream, he got very close then dropped a little, then he came back again ... very good work in a Lotus which I don't think is a match for Eagle here. When Mario dissapeared I was looking for Harry to come and catch me , it was good fortune for me that David was battling with him and eventually David secured a well deserved 2nd place.
Thanks to all drivers for keeping the oval series alive , Grats to David, Harry and commiserations to Mario and Kelvin for engine problems.

Many Regards Col

Loepi Offline


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23.03.2014 21:14
#8 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Nice race at all to me - except my ending - (sometimes i hate this hypersensitive weslake-engine). Sure, i´m "slow" at the qualyfying, but my racing-speed was okay i think. And my setup was just beginning to work well as... - you know what happend -.

I´m not sure if i could have gone with David´s performance to the finish, but with Harry there could have been a nice fight for place 3.

Thanks David and Harry for the nice competition so far.

Cu at the "one turn".

Sorry for the (potential) bad english. ^^

Kelvin Mace Offline


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23.03.2014 22:02
#9 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Well, first off all I’m really relieved that my engine failure didn’t caused any turmoil in the starting field when everybody stood on it to pick up speed .
After I returned my broken Eagle back to the pits I watched the rest of the race as a spectator, of course. Got to tell ya, watching the race as a bystander was very intense, great performance at the lead pack, close & clean racing, a pleasure to watch, ...but it would be even better to participate .
Congrats Cole! Nice win, well deserved . You made it look easy but I guess it was mentally quite hard in the early stages to squeeze everything out, not to extend a nice slipstream to the chasing car (Willi’s Lotus).
In the 2nd half, David’s Eagle was the strongest car in the field. His line esp. through turn 2 was amazing . Holy cow!! Looked to me that he’s right on the edge of loosing rear grip. Great driving mate .
And also grats to Harry who drove his Lotus to 3rd.
I leave the 2nd round of this year’s Oval-Cup with mixed feelings. To be honest, the early engine failure was unexpected. I knew that this track could be pretty stressful to engines, so in the back of my mind I took a DNF into account. Just like in real sometimes racing has far from gone to plan least qualifying was a sense of achievement
On the other hand from a fan’s perspective, racing with this new format is quite unpredictable cause the attrition rate could be a huge factor, so never underestimate! In the first 2 races already 4 championship contenders (David; Lasse; Willi & me) struggled, and this brings further tension to the Cup .

Looking forward to this small Thompson Oval, racing at this bullring will be very exciting, I hope that we’ll have a double-digit grid again.


Extrem pressure creates diamonds

Fabian Offline


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23.03.2014 22:12
#10 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Zitat von Kelvin Mace im Beitrag #9
To be honest, the early engine failure was unexpected.

did you not "just" accidentally shift back to a previous gear (H-shifter >>> 2nd - neutral - 2nd) ? at least it looked so in the replay..

Harald Podzielny Offline


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24.03.2014 18:48
#11 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Am Mittag noch ne Soundanlage fürs Wohnzimmer gekauft und wollte sie mal eben noch anschließen
Den Nachbar noch um Rat gebeten und es wurde immer später

Etwas abgehetzt schaffte ich es doch noch zur Quali und kam noch auf Startplatz 4.In den ersten Runden wechselten wir öfter
die Positionen.Kelvin ging gleich anfangs der Motor in Rauch auf ,echt schade.Hoffentlich passiert mir das nicht,
dachten wohl auch alle anderen.

Hat etwas gedauert bis ich richtig bei der Sache war aber die richtige Linie oder das Zusammenspiel mit den anderen,war da etwas
ratlos.Versuchte mich dann von Lasse und David zu lösen um so nach vorn zu kommen.Col's Vorsprung wuchs aber weiter.Willis Eagle
gab dann auch leider auf und der von Lasse auch

Zwischenzeitlich dachte ich Platz 2 zu halten aber dann kam David doch mit großen Schritten heran und vorbei.Dennoch ein schönes
Rennen Mit meinen Rundenzeiten war ich ganz zufrieden aber die Strecke gilt wohl dem Eagle.

Grats Col und David


David Offline


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24.03.2014 21:48
#12 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Ovals are the only tracks were I can aim at the podium. I'm not good at other circuits.

Quali. I was impressed by Kelvin's 39.507s. Col was 0.02s faster than Harry and I landed between them with a new pb.

Race. I chose Lasse's long 5th gear. Thanks, I needed it. After the pace lap, Kelvin's engine blew up, disappointing. I drove a wrong line in turn 1 and therefore I went wide in turn 2. Three drivers overtook me within seconds. Michi overtook me. Five cars drove away from me. I tried to find my rithm. At some point in the race, I didn't lose time anymore to leader Harry, so I was satisfied being 5s behind. I hoped the tyre temps would help me later in the race, so I relaxed a little.

I reached Michi, who was fast and overtook me multiple times. I was thinking about driving towards Harry and Lasse together. I asked myself how to do that on this track. Col suddenly gained time very quickly, and I concluded he escaped from the group.

I reached Lasse. While we were overtaking each other, Harry drove away from us. When we didn't overtake, we were fast by drafting. I decided not to overtake anymore until we reached Harry again. Willi had a very unfortunate race accident. His Lotus crashed and slid slowly from the wall towards the grove. I stayed on the gas, which was the safest, and passed him just in time.

Lasse was almost too fast to follow, but my setup was easy to drive. Then his engine blew up. I overtook Harry and was 10s behind Colin. With 20 laps to go a huge gap. In the last phase, I was about as fast as him. 3 laps before the end I gave up the chase. I finished 2nd.

An interesting and fun race for me. Glad I didn't have a calamity. Congratulations to Col, who drove away from a group of fast drivers and finished strong.


col bentley Offline


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25.03.2014 06:52
#13 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

I downloaded the replay to watch it back , wow, what a battle with Lassi, David, Willi and Harry ......... I was very glad and lucky to get away from that, If Willi had got back to me ..... then I would of been sucked back into it.

I don't think there was anything between the laptimes , Lassi had a great outside line in T1 and Harry was unfortunate to be caught out with Kelvins engine blow up in lap1.

I agree that David was a little faster towards the end ....... just too much distance to make up though.

Michi did a great job and I hope he can join us again.

Thanks also for making reports in english (which were perfect)...... I wish I could do mine in German.


Kelvin Mace Offline


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26.03.2014 21:21
#14 RE: Oval-Cup Michigan Antworten

Zitat von Fabian im Beitrag #10
did you not "just" accidentally shift back to a previous gear (H-shifter >>> 2nd - neutral - 2nd) ? at least it looked so in the replay..

Yea exactly Fabian. I made the statement in post race chat, that I missed a gear, so this blow up was totally my fault . But nevertheless you can be dead certain, that it came totally unexpected!
I mean, who would expect to do a mis-shift when there are only 5 gear changes in a race that takes about an hour .

...hmm lets see I better use the automatic transition in the next race to be on the save side .


Extrem pressure creates diamonds

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